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There are eight chapters written so far. All are available—FREE—and can be easily downloaded. They are pdf documents which preserves the footnotes at the bottom of the page.

I am constantly editing and updating these chapters since my research continues. I also work hard at doing my own editing, but that's not always the easiest thing to do. Thankfully friends who have read these chapters have offered suggestions regarding edits to be made. Please do the same.

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My Story of Finding Paul


Click on "Author Bio" and you will find my story behind the writing of this book. I have become something of a "Pauline scholar", though we will have to wait until the book is published to see if its author truly rises to that category.


What I have in common with my intended audience is that for years I didn't like Paul, and as a Pastor, rarely preached on his letters. Knowing something about the Paul who emerged from the Pastoral Epistles was particularly troubling to me. Little did I know, for so many years of the ministry, what my problem was. I didn't know how the identity of Paul had been hijacked. Discovering Paul's story inside his own letters has changed all that.


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Engaging in the Conversations: Discussions

In  the future this part of Paul Found will contain a great many topics related to Paul's letters. I plan to expand discussions on many matters that I couldn't cover in writing this book.

FOR NOW: I am open to leading workshops and seminars on Paul. These will be tailored for more general audiences, and should always include Paul's many skeptics. We will have lively conversations, while also spending time exploring aspects of Paul's letters as his autobiographical accounts.

Be assured his letters can be understood. They are brilliant pieces of rhetoric. I will help you appreciate how they were meant to be heard—and the emphasis is on "hearing." We will sort through Paul's thinking about Christ and discover that Paul ethics always trumped theology. In the process we will never lose sight of the fact that Paul was still a Jew when he died.

Use my contact information to open up the possibility of having me come to an event that offers a whole new picture of Paul. Know, of course, from my work, it was the picture waiting to be found.

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