Paul in Philosophical Eyes

There are a number of philosophers who have found Paul relevant to their thinking about the world. I will be discussing the work of some of these philosophers, especially because they have had a great influence on my work on Paul.

Paul and Politics

Another fascinating realm of Pauline studies involves a number of scholars suggesting that Paul was quite aware of the trouble this new faith in Christ could be causing the rulers of his world.

Paul and Women

Given some obviously offensive and troubling passages in some of Paul’s letters and what we also find in the Pastoral Epistles, there is much ink spilled regarding Paul. Some defend him, while others deplore him.


The story behind this book

I never started this research thinking I would write a book. I began with a book by Douglas Campbell: The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Re-reading of Justification in Paul. That was in 2009. I finally decided I needed to understand the concept of “justification by faith,” the cardinal doctrine of the Protestant Reformation. Campbell deconstructed the concept and he opened my eyes to a world of Pauline scholars connected to what is called “The New Paradigm on Paul.” In what follows I’ll point out some of the resources and leading thinkers opening up new ways to consider St. Paul.

Paul in Acts and the Pastoral Epistles

My work has the above resources as its constant and proverbial elephant always in the room. I will explore under this heading what it has meant to have this picture of Paul as our dominant understanding of this man, his letters, and his legacy.